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Steven R. Pietro

A persuasive and successful criminal lawyer, Steven captures the respect of clients and jurors alike. He represents product manufacturers and other policyholders in coverage and product defect litigation, and a broad spectrum of life sciences and other technology companies in a variety of competition-related disputes, including hard and soft IP, trade secret and unfair competition cases.

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September 24, 2018

Steven R Pietro looks at the process of buying into a franchise

Buying a franchise, widely regarded as one of the quickest ways to get a new business up and running successfully - Steven R Pietro Owning a franchise has many benefits,…
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September 7, 2018

Steven R Pietro Business Owner explores fiduciary duties in business

Understanding fiduciary duties is vital to continued success in business¬†Steven R Pietro Business Owner Steven R Pietro Business Owner - In the professional world, a fiduciary is a representative, advisor,…
Steven R. Pietro Steven PietroSteven R PietroSteven R Pietro Layer
September 5, 2018

Steven R Pietro Lawyer shares effective practices and tips for new business owners

A dream for many individuals, starting a new business, though exciting, should not be undertaken lightly. According to Florida-based corporate lawyer Steven R Pietro Lawyer, failure of new businesses in…